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All About Retinol

Considered the gold standard in anti-aging ingredients, retinol is one of the best-known and effective skincare ingredients that’s been on the market for decades. There are different versions of retinoids which each have their own unique formulation and potency, but all retinols are derived from Vitamin A.

Retinol is used to treat everything from acne to aging and can be found in over the counter products as well as prescription strengths. Got sun spots, textured skin, fine lines, wrinkles, retinol can help! However, don’t jump into using this ingredient too quickly! Ease your way into retinols by beginning with an introductory retinol product and use only two to three times a week to get your skin acclimated to it. And always discontinue retinol 7-14 days prior to any facial, chemical peel, or other esthetic treatment.

Retinol (applied at night) must be combined with a skincare routine that includes sunscreen in the morning to prevent any further sun damage, especially since retinol can make you more sensitive to sun damage. Talk to your esthetician to see if retinol is a good choice for you!

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