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Real Men Get Facials

More and more men are getting facials these days. Why, you ask? I ask, why not? My male clients see the importance of taking care of their skin and appreciate having their skin pampered. They enjoy an hour spent on cleansing, exfoliation, steam, and massage. But how do facials benefit men? Fist of all, they are very soothing, particularly in the beard areas that are often shaved. Second, men‘s skin can be oiler than women’s and can get quite clogged with blackheads. Therefore, an important part of the facial process is unclogging pores, either manually or with tools such as Hydradermabrasion. Third, men’s skin (like women’s) always benefit from hydration and anti-aging products. Women aren’t the only gender concerned with looking their best. Let’s hear it for men who get facials!

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