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5 Beauty Trends to Quit in 2023

Here is my personalized list of five beauty trends to STOP DOING this year plus what to do INSTEAD.

  1. Following the advice of Tik Tok influencers. Maybe they have lots and lots of followers, but that doesn’t mean they know anything about (YOUR) skin. What works for them may not only not work for you, but may be harmful to you. INSTEAD, follow your favorite esthetician or two on social media and listen to their wisdom or better yet, go see your favorite esthetician!

  2. Using makeup wipes as your preferred way to daily cleanse your skin. Most makeup wipes have a high alcohol content which dehydrates the skin which ages the skin. Also, most of them really just move around the makeup on your face and do not cleanse well. INSTEAD, invest in a good oil-based pre-cleanser and either a non-foaming gel cleanser or cream cleanser. It’s also good to have an active cleanser to use several times a week containing AHA’s such as glycolic acid for anti-aging benefits.

  3. Being in your 20’s or 30’s and going straight to Botox and/or fillers INSTEAD of getting on a good skincare routine. Enough said.

  4. Trusting your best friend’s cousin’s stepsister to advise you on what MLM skincare products you need. MLM’s are known to be overpriced (they have to share their profits with their team) and overfilled with lots of fillers that do nothing and potentially harmful ingredients. INSTEAD, find an esthetician you trust and follow her advice.

  5. AND FINALLY, drum roll……. Lash extensions. Yes, they look beautiful, however, the upkeep is time consuming, expensive, and damages your natural lashes. INSTEAD use a lash serum to grow your own lashes.

BONUS: Picking your acne! INSTEAD ice those babies and cover them with a pimple patch. The ice will reduce inflammation and redness, leading to quicker healing. The pimple patch will deliver medication to get rid of that blemish much quicker.

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